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 Urban Sawhorse is a creative artisan carpentry business serving beautiful Austin TX.  The projects we tackle include, custom furniture, built-in libraries and more!  We love to work on one-of-a-kind projects tailored to customer specifications.  We take personal pride and ownership of every project.

We often partner with local artisans to create extraordinary designs that incorporate different medium. 

Urban Sawhorse was founded by Kevin Vokes who oversees projects from design inception to crafting the finished product. 

What We do....


We Design, transforming a dream, an idea or something scribbled  on a dinner napkin into a planned draft.


When it comes time to build, all materials are hand selected.  We pick through stacks of lumber to find the piece that is perfect for the project.

We use a combination of cutting edge CNC equipment and old world tools and techniques.

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